4U Wet Line

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SHE offers a line of specific products dedicated to the care of extensions. The entire 4 FOR YOU line represents an indispensable tool that keeps the hair's and extensions' natural characteristics unchanged over time.

  • Hydrating Shampoo - Nourishing shampoo enriched with a highly moisturizing Complex. Restores the skin's hydration level, gently cleanses, lightens hair, and facilitates combing. 
  • Nourishing Conditioner Mask - Mask with a nourishing and conditioning action, enriched with a highly moisturizing complex. It has a revitalizing action and provides shine, elasticity, and ease of untangling; ideal for chemical-treated hair.  
  • Reconstructing Spray - Concentrated treatment without rinsing, an inviting fragrance specifically for damaged hair. Formulated with moisturizing and detailing elements, it prevents hair from drying out and makes combing easier. 
  •  Super Moisturizing Oil - Spray great for both natural and treated hair, formulated to give hair maximum shine combating frizz, and reduces static electricity in the hair. 
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