Argan For You Wet Line

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Product Overview
  • Argan Oil Luxury Wet Line
  • Restores and Strengthens
  • Manageability
  • Gently cleanses and nourishes, leaves hair silky
  • Made in Italy

Argan For You Shampoo - wellness shampoo for all hair types with argan oil and seaweed extracts. Gently cleanses, nourishes, and strengthens the hair while protecting it against free radicals and aging, leaving it silky, shiny, and healthy. 

Argan For You Conditioner - A wellness mask that revitalizes all hair types and fortifies them without weighing it down. Restores the optimal balance of fiber and prevents premature aging. Argan oil, Vitamin E, protects hair from free radicals. At the same time, beta-carotene renews the energy reserves of the hair fiber and counteracts damage caused by UV rays, repairing and restoring the hair inside and out. Result: Softness, Shine, and Hydration

Argan For You Curl Creme - The optimal contribution of hydration and antioxidants from argan oil, enriched by the action of the hairdensyl complex, a complex of proteins, amino acids of marine origin, and honey extracts that protect, Shines, hydrates, strengths, the hair and make it more voluminous and frizz-free. Curls are defined, smooth, and soft to the touch. 

Argan For You Olio - Wellness treatment oil for all types of hair based on argan oil and beta-carotene. Immediately absorbed, it is non-greasy, leaves no residue, and ensures deep hydration with extraordinary shine and a silky touch. Argan oil, rich in vitamin E, strengthens hair, hydrates, and protects against free radicals and pollution. Beta-carotene reinforces action against aging and renews the energy reserves of the hair fiber, making the hair stronger and healthier. 

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I’m in love with this shampoo and conditioner. Keeps my extensions looking new