SHE Newsletter No.10 - 9 Laws of Growth

SHE Newsletter No.10 - 9 Laws of Growth

Nine common practices that the most successful hair extension stylists use daily. Implement them in your business to ensure success

  1. Display Your Certificate Show off your education
  2. Hang Posters and Decals advertise what you do.
  3. Use Your Phone System (On-Hold or Voicemail Message)--Let people know that you offer extensions, techniques, and products.
  4. Wear The Hair Be an example. If you can't wear the hair, use someone else in the salon or an excellent customer.
  5. Think Small, Not Big. Remember chemical-free highlights and lowlights and fantasy colors. Get your clients excited with just a few pieces; they will soon be excited about a full head.
  6. Stock Some Hair Always be ready for a touch-up or impulse purchase
  7. Build A Portfolio Show off your fantastic work! In a flip book and on Social Media
  8. Marketing Word of mouth, Facebook, Instagram, a postcard or business card at your local coffee shop, plastic surgeon's office, etc. Marketing in the salon. Happy Client = Salesperson
  9. Stay Educated Attend shows, and watch videos about hair, business, goal setting, and personal development. Take refresher and advanced education classes when they come to your area.

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Stylist Spotlight

Sandra Garcia is delivering these luscious locks to us. Just gorgeous. Contact her on Insta @sandreezzy to get your hair done!

Sandra's Tip - It always helps to take a step back to see how the hair is laying.

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