SHE Newsletter No. 11 - Fashion Tape Tape-In Extensions

SHE Newsletter No. 11 - Fashion Tape Tape-In Extensions

Aaahh Tape-Ins. They are fantastic, and I believe SHE has the best in the business. They are so easy to put in and reusable, and you can modify them in many ways. Sandwich them, fold them in half, use single-sided tape, or cut them to resemble keratin bonds. Whatever method you choose, SHE heatless tape-ins are ready with colors ranging from natural tones, Baylayage, rooted, and Ombre. SHE also has multiple textures and lengths for you to let your creativity flow.

Traditional Sandwich

The original. If your client has normal to thick hair, this is the best method. If your client has finer hair you can use SHE's single sided tape tabs for a more blended look.

Fold Over

Fold in half a smaller sandwich for more precision color placement and smaller sandwiches towards the front of the head.


Tape in Keratin Look. Great for money pieces and highlighting.

Skin Weft

Use SHE Prime at the crown of the head for a more invisible look.


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