SHE Newsletter Volume 1 - 2022 Summer Hair Trends

SHE Newsletter Volume 1 - 2022 Summer Hair Trends

Effortless Hair

From '90s layers to one-length cuts, it's all about looking great with little effort. For those of us with thin or fine hair, this can be hard to achieve. That's where extensions come in. They can help you achieve fullness, a nice weight line, or a length you can't grow on your own. A few pieces can make a huge difference for a wash-and-go look.

#01 90s Kate Moss Hair

Long layers and youthful volume. Her hair is not thick, so this look is about placing extensions for length and color. She was a multi-dimensional summer blonde. Use a mix of SHE colors 25, 1001, and 23 to achieve this look.

#02 90s Wynona Ryder

The one-length cut. Extensions do not always have to involve length. They can be essential in creating a thick weight line which is the key to Wynona's cut. Use a mix of colors 1b, 2, and 4 to get a rich dark brunette.

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