SHE Newsletter Volume 2 - Highlight Cindy Crawford

SHE Newsletter Volume 2 - Highlight Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford

We continue with the 90s, highlighting Cindy Crawford's messy bombshell blowout. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Thick hair at its finest. To get this hair would typically involve a complete set of extensions. Cindy is a caramel Baylayage & highlighted brunette. To achieve this look, use SHE extension colors 6 for the nape, B8/26 to add the fullness & dimension, and R20/27 for the money pieces.

Stylist Spotlight - Nicole Turpin

Nicole Turpin at Calypso the Salon in Eugene, OR. Slaying hair extensions with this natural beachy look. Nicole used SHE colors B15/516, and 60. Beautiful work! Contact Nicole to get your hair done at on Instagram.

Must Have Accessories

There is such a thing as the right and wrong brush. If you have extensions, we recommend using a boar bristle brush. They are designed not to tug, so you do not pull or loosen your bonds, helping your extensions last. Yes honey!

Next week's updates - 50 Shades of Grey Hair

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