SHE Newsletter Volume 4 - Dying Platinum Extensions

SHE Newsletter Volume 4 - Dying Platinum Extensions

This Week's Obsession - Dyeing Platinum Extensions

SHE extensions are 100% human hair. 100% means you can dye and tone to your heart's desire, even when they are installed. SHE platinum colors #23 & #59 are ideal for taking on any fun color trend you're into. Another benefit to dyeing platinum extensions is that they will fade at the same pace as your natural hair, which is important with a vibrant style. Plus, we know the dangers of bleaching, color, and maintaining length. Breakage is real y'all. So give your natural hair a break, add the length with SHE extensions, and make it the color of your dreams.

Stylist Spotlight - Sandra Serrano

Sandra Serrano at Atomic Kitten in Bakersfield, CA. Creating this Fire fantasy look with XXL keratin extensions. Sandra used SHE XXL Platinum Colors #23 & #59 and dyed them with Pravana Vivids. Amazing! Contact Sandra to book an appointment on Instagram @aries.alter.ego

Must Have Extension Tools & Stylist Tip from Sandra

The one thing Sandra cannot live without is the Extension Rack. This equipment is essential for setup and organization, especially when doing a large install. Sandra uses this one @hairextensionrack on Instagram. SHE Hair also has a great extension cart you can order from us by calling 855.743.8721

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