SHE Newsletter Volume 5 - Thin Hair Issue

SHE Newsletter Volume 5 - Thin Hair Issue

Extensions on Fine or Thin Hair

Extensions on extremely fine or thin hair can be a scary undertaking. Many Stylists and clients alike think it's not possible. But extensions are possible! It is about placement, the size, and the type of bond you use.

- Custom Bond Size

Size of Bonds

SHE keratin tips can be cut into halves, thirds, or quarters for a micro invisible attachment. SHE Academy teaches multiple placement options for delicate work on fine and compromised hair. The SHE method uses a 200-degree lower bonding process that will not damage already fragile strands.

Type of Bond for Fine Hair

We find round bonds are the most natural-looking bond for fine hair, especially around the crown, temples, and neckline. Flat bonds on the back of the head work great to minimize friction for back sleepers if the hair is thick enough to cover. Also, it is essential not to place the bonds close to the scalp as that can cause strain as the weight of the bond is not distributed evenly.

Stylist Spotlight - Pamela French

Pamela French Extension Specialist in Trinity, FL. Look at this amazing work. The results are gorgeous. Her client never thought she would ever have hair like this. Pam used quartered round bonds, and they are invisible! Just mind-blowing! To schedule with Pam, contact her on Instagram @pamelafrench_inspireddesign.

Must Have Haircare for Extensions

Argan for YOU, Shampoo! Essential for extension wearers and great for your natural hair. Why we love it: It does not damage or loosen bonds, has great suds, and has Hyaluronic Acid and Argan Oil to keep the hair shiny and silky.

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