SHE Newsletter Volume 7 - Education and Why You Should Keep Learning

SHE Newsletter Volume 7 - Education and Why You Should Keep Learning

The More You Know the Easier it is to Retain Clients

The #1 question we receive is "How do I retain my clients?". The best thing you can do for your business is master multiple applications; cutting, color, and extensions. Don't pigeonhole yourself into being a one-service stylist. No client wants to go to various places or people to get their hair done. The more you know, the less you are referring a service to another stylist and potentially losing your client to someone who can do what you can't.

Complacency is Real

It can be easy to get comfortable and think you have it all figured out.

One of the best students SHE Hair ever had, came in because she had complaints. It had been four years since she graduated, and though her work was still good, the technique she learned from SHE had diminished. However, with one short evaluation and refresher class, all her training returned in a flash. Her bonds went from good to outstanding again. She also learned a new bonding technique for invisibility; The Invisibond.

When you think you are perfect, that is a sign to go and take a class.


  • Elite Keratin Class
  • Evaluation and Refresher Course
  • Prime Fashion Tape Class

Call to inquire about taking a class! 855-743-8721 or go to our website

Spotlight - Sacha Quarles

Sacha is an Emmy-nominated Sex in the City stylist, artistic director for SHE hair, master extension artist, SHE Instructor, and celebrity stylist. Sacha is now available as a mentor for stylists looking to build their careers and take their craft to the next level. If you're interested in setting an appointment with Sacha, please call 855.781.9515. Check out his Instagram @SachaQuarles

Can't do Great Bonds without Great Equipment - Flat Magic Machine

The Flat Magic Machine is a must with SHE Keratin Extensions. Works at 200 degrees lower than other systems, which allows for a safer and non-damaging application. Our machine comes with cutting-edge warm fusion technology and an advanced ceramic heating element with instant and even heat. To order, call 855.781.9515

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